With even a cursory look, Spirit can be found in all living beings. It is a great power center just waiting to give direction and meaning to our lives. Whether we believe it to be a connection with God, the source of all life, or each person’s innate wisdom, Spirit is a resource that we can draw upon.

  • discern the presence of the Sacred in your everyday life.
  • renew genuine connections to life and spirit.
  • give voice to your sacred story.
  • live in the present while being open to the Divine in challenging and difficult times.
  • explore contemplative practices including meditation, lectio divina and centering prayer.
A spiritual director serves as a companion and witness to
your spiritual journey and walks with you as you seek to...
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While  Spirit draws us toward what is most universal and shared, Soul embraces and calls us toward what is most unique in us. Soul is the vital, mysterious and wild core of our individual selves.
As your spiritual director Carolyn will offer guidance and support.  She will will give you feedback, ask questions and help clarify possibilities.  Above all, she will be a compassionate listener and hold your story in sacred trust.
Spiritual Direction
Sometimes, when we're not looking,  the holiness breaks through like a rainbow.

Madeline D'Engle
Souljourner... courageous journeys in the soul's direction
Carolyn Durgin, MA

Golden, CO
courageous travels in the soul's direction
Spirit and Soul are sacred; they inbue life with meaning, beauty and mystery.  How we travel these paths is the essence of our spiritual journey.