An introduction to the principles of SoulCollage.  The workshop will include a general overview of the process and an introduction to the four "suits" of a SoulCollage deck.  Participants will have the opportunity to make their first SoulCollage card and practice listening to the "voice" of the card through the "I am one who..." exercise.

All materials are provided.
Advanced SoulCollage® Practices
Those smitten with this unique process can continue the exciting work (and play) of SoulCollage in small facilitated groups. These five gatherings explore in greater depth the practices of SoulCollage:

  • Exploring Your Inner Voices
  • Honoring Your Wisdom
  • Discovering Your Companions
  • Gathering Your Council
  • Celebrating Your Narrative

Individual SoulCard Consultation
Personalized one on one directed card reading for exploring life questions. Using your SoulCollage cards, we explore a variety of ways to approach issues through suits, symbols, card placement and reoccurring imagery.
Introduction to SoulCollage
"I am one who..."
A SoulCollage reading by Carolyn
"From the handouts and discussion to the cutting and pasting of cards, everything about Carolyn's SoulCollage® workshops invites personal insight, creativity and community...  I feel I have begun a journey with SoulCollage that is truly magical!"
Maggie, workshop participant
Deepen your SoulCollage® Practice… join a Wisdom Circle
The circle is a universal symbol of unity and wholeness and the practice of meeting in circle is ancient.  A Wisdom Circle is an on-going facilitated small group that meets monthly to share new cards and do SoulCollage®  readings. 

Gathering in Wisdom Circles allows us to move deeply into ourselves; into the core of self where wisdom resides.
“The truth that is most potent and most relevant in our lives is the truth we find for ourselves.  Hence it is vitally important to learn to consult, to honor and to trust this wisdom.”    -Seena Frost, author of SoulCollage

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SoulCollage® Workshops
The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul set on fire.

Fedinand Foch
Souljourner... courageous journeys in the soul's direction
courageous travels in the soul's direction
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