What is SoulCollage?

SoulCollage, developed by psychotherapist and author Seena Frost, is a process which starts as simple creative fun, but then suddenly surprises and awakens us. We begin by making collages from found images then simply, intuitively gluing these images to cards.
SoulCollage for groups and individuals
Imagery... Imagination... Intuition
Thank you to all the wonderful photographers and artists whose images inspired us to recreate and discover our inner and outer worlds!

SoulCollage cards may be used as examples to illustrate the SoulCollage process, but it is a principle of SoulCollage that SoulCollage cards are not to be sold, traded, or bartered and are to be reproduced only for the personal use of the maker of the card.

SoulCollage® is a registered trademark of SoulCollage Inc. www.soulcollage.com
SoulCollage is like taking a kaleidoscope full of all the bits and pieces of your life, holding it up to the light, and there, falling into place are all the unique patterns and amazing beauties of your life.

Seena Frost, author of SoulCollage
Cultivating wisdom, creativity and authenticity with SoulCollage®
soulcollage cards
Drawing  from the archetypal work of Joseph 
Cambell and Jungian dream analysis we begin to learn the soul's
language.  Through imagery, imagination and intuition we learn to access the wisdom and wonders that lie within us.

These cards become our SoulCollage "deck", giving voice to and honoring our deepest self... a visual narrative of our own unique story.
The soul cannot think without a  picture.

Souljourner... courageous journeys in the soul's direction
soulcollage with souljourner
courageous travels in the soul's direction
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Carolyn Durgin, MA

Golden, CO